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Cutting curly hair is different from cutting straight hair. Some hair stylists may not know how to cut curly hair and leave you with an uneven look.

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Love your hair all month long! Blowouts February only. Schedule a wash and blowout with our select stylists. during the month of February



Clean & simple 30-40 minutes

Skin Fade


Haircut blends to skin

Buzz Cut


Clippers only cut all over

Chap Haircut


Junior under 14

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86-88, Wallasey Rd, Wallasey, CH44 2AE +44 123 – 456 -9010


86-88, Wallasey Rd, Wallasey, CH44 2AE +44 123 – 456 -9010

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Kitring is designed specifically for a hairdresser, barber shop, beauty center, and hair salon to make your website beautiful instantly.

Our team brings the most amazing gifts to our salon community. From not only cutting, colouring and styling your hair. But even more specifically to colour techniques like balayage and teasy lights, blonding and grey blending.

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Professional highly trained and skilled make up artists, to glam you up from head to toe for every special occasion

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